Arduino Exploration Box

Box Contains

  • Arduino Uno and compatible components includes sensors, LCD, Seven Segment Display, Keypad, Bluetooth, Motors, Propeller, Switches, LED’s, Buzzer, Resistors, LDR, Transistors, Breadboard, Jumper Wires, 9V Battery and Jack
  • 30+ Arduino Design Projects
  • Video Manual for Each Experiment
  • Coding Application

Arduino Design Challenge

Particpate in the Arduino Design Challenge every year.

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Arduino Design Projects

The box contains material required to tinker on 30+ design projects, these projects are aimed to develop kinesthetic, motor, problem solving, creativity, intellectual curiosity, decision making & application oriented coding skill in the child.

Application Oriented Coding

Exploring in the best way to understand applications of coding paving way to create curiosity amongst the children to question like why & how. The projects are graded complexity starting with working on LED's to Buzzers to Motors & Sensors.

Curriculum Based Experiments

The experiments helps students to understand the concept record & analyse observation along with its practical application in day to day life as per their grade.