Stem Kits


Our STEM Kit makes science interesting & meaningful for your kid. The innovative fun-filled activities help in developing key skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, curiosity, and more. The kits help in bridging the learning gap by putting the children at the core of the hands-on experience. Your child develops a scientific temperament and takes the leap from being a “User of technology to an Innovator”.

Learn 1


“Educate to Innovate” – Our Program helps to LEARN and unveil the concepts of Science and their application in daily life in an interesting and innovative manner.

Play 1


“Blending learning with PLAYtime” – The kits are conceptualized & designed as fun-filled activities. The child learns the concept easily while having a hands-on experience.



“Encouraging young minds”- Enabling the next generation of innovators and enhancing their skills like creativity, critical thinking & problem-solving.


Grade V

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